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Timber Guardrail
Highway Signs

    Leon's Fence & Guardrail, LLC utilizes top quality material to erect a project.  For projects that require installation of Timber Guardrail (as shown above), the TimBarrier Aesthetics Timber Barrier System is always the best choice.

    TimBarrier Aesthetic Timber Barrier is a system of three barriers designed to fulfill the needs of architects and developers who require a safe, economical, and most importantly, aesthetic guardrail.

    Before TimBarrier, every time a guardrail or barrier was needed in an aesthetically sensitive area, the architect or engineer had to "invent" one.  This resulted in a myriad of "one-of" designs requiring field fabrication that, when installed, generally fell short of the designer's intention and the owner's expectations.  TimBarrier solves this problem. Whether it is a low speed street, driveway, parking area, or golf course cart path, TimBarrier has a design to meet your need.

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